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Our vision

Richter Energy is committed to making optimal use of renewable energy in its various forms – including solar power, wind power and energy storage. As such, we not only guarantee maximum yield from renewable energy, we also promote ecological preservation and a positive environmental impact. 

We view ourselves as a company built upon flexible thinking and a constant desire to innovate, and we wholeheartedly believe that transparency is key for business collaborations.

Please note: Richter Energy is a venture enterprise specializing in the mapping and identification of renewable energy investment opportunities. It itself does not provide services in this field. 

Richter Energy’s vision is to establish medium-sized power plants generated by renewable energy that provide clean energy to the national electricity grid and relevant end-customers. 

We are seeking business partners – established organizations interested in expanding, industrial property owners interested in leveraging their property, and farmers interested in leveraging their storage areas and greenhouses for the integration of renewable energy systems.

Who are we?


Noam Richter

Noam Richter, owner of Richter Energy, is a civil engineer and graduate of the Technion Institute. He has been working in the fields of construction and infrastructure since 1992. 

Noam began his career as an engineer at Waxman Govrin Geva Engineering LTD. He also served as VP of Infrastructure at Local Government Economic Services Ltd., Director of Business Development for Blue-Green (a subsidiary of the Shikun & Binui Group), and CEO of the Municipal Water Corporation. For the past decade, Noam has been Managing Partner of Binyan Ha’ir D.N. Ltd., a firm involved in initiating and promoting boutique real estate projects in Tel Aviv. 

The Richter family’s home was among the first in Israel to install a solar system on its roof. Since then, Noam has aspired to continue promoting other projects that make use of renewable energy.

In addition to his professional knowledge and experience, Noam brings with him strong financial backing and good connections with financial institutions. In his spare time, Noam serves as Voluntary Chairman for Roller Hockey Israel’s “Mitgalgalim Binyamina Givat Ada”. He is also a sailing enthusiast and dedicates time to this hobby as an active skipper.

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Davina Feinberg Zagury

Davina Is responsible for business development, research, and operations at Richter Energy. Davina originally hails from the world of photography and design, and she brings with her a creative spirit and innovative, unconventional perspective. After years spent working as a professional photographer in Israel and New York (including as a selected photographer for a permanent exhibit at the "Ano" museum), Davina comes to Richter Energy with a proven ability for implementing projects from the idea phase through to execution, as well as extensive experience in project management and business entrepreneurship.

Davina is passionate about the variety of possibilities inherent in entrepreneurial development, especially in the fields of environmental protection and ecology.

In her free time, Davina is active in a number of creative communities, where she contributes from her professional knowledge and enriches herself from the experience of others.

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